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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Interesting Blogs I Read Today

Today I played around with Google Blog Search. It was a great way to look up blogs covering specific topics. For obvious reasons in my career I used the search term "real estate license". I was happy to see an article that I had just written about Iowa Real Estate License Requirements came up first. I am surprised how fast google works these days. I don't ever remember seeing something I wrote be indexed that quickly. Nice work Google.

After re-reading my article I looked at the blog entries below. There was one covering how a realtor stole 3 million dollars and somehow still got to keep her real estate license. I shake my head but would also love to know how she did it :) Think she was one of the big boobed pretty girls? JOKE!!!!

Next I read an interesting article by Todd Tarson giving some tips on how to interview a realtor. Long article but interesting read. Alway nice to help the public choose a qualified real estate agent. I am sure any of the real estate licensees from my real estate school or those who used my real estate study guide would score well when interviewed :).

I love the name of the publisher of the blog entry directly below mine. Michael Jordan's Mistress. If I was a lady I am pretty sure I could give up the day to day grind of being a real estate school teacher in order to hang with #23. Anyhow I think her name is more thought out than this blog entry.

I was intrigued by this title, Density and Too Many Realtors. Blog site that claims to track the Charlottesville and Central Virginia Real Estate Market. Article was pretty low in explaining anything to do with real estate salesperson / realtors or their density.

Under this was another gold coin... a netscape story covering one of my old articles title Real estate License Exam Strategies. I wrote that well back in mid December. I enjoyed writing that. I think a real estate class student should have some clear strategies on how to approach a real estate exam. Any student can do well if they follow those tips.

I looked forward to reading the following blog which covered a field of real estate I never really got into. It gave tips on how to sell convenience stores. I clicked on the link only to discover that it was kind of a spam site so instead I looked up how to sell a convenience stores. I didn't get as much info as I would have liked because I had to get back to work.

I am sure I will use the Google Blog search more often. You should give it a shot too.