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Friday, January 26, 2007

Just Pass Your Real Estate License Exam? Real Estate Bubble... BOO!

I am sorry. I didn't mean to scare any new real estate license examinees. I have been thinking a lot about the potential for a "real estate bubble" to pop and ruin the party we have enjoyed as realtors over the past years. I constantly hear about this bubble. Paints the image of the .com bubble popping. I think the fundamentals are a bit more sound when someone buys a house compared to the frivolous ways the early Internet compaies did business but I do recognize that many of my clients have, in my opinion, spent more than they are capable of paying. Over financed themselves. I am not sure how some have kept living under a roof for as long as they have.

I figured that it would be interesting to share some Real Estate Bubble blogs. While I like to keep a positive attitude when it comes to the real estate market, I find it important to look to both sides of the fence.

Obviously Southern California has a dynamic real estate market. I have helped many students obtain thier real estate licenses in So. Cal. The Southern California Real Estate Bubble Crash blog. I like this blog cause it is constantly posting new info. Pretty interesting stuff going deep into the economics and sociology of Southern California.

My next blog comes from the East Coast. It is the Northern new Jersey Real Estate Bubble blog. If there is ever going to be a real estate "correction" then it would have to happen on a national level. This is why I like to follow these pages from multiple states. If I look into how the real estate markets in New Jersey and New York and compare them to the West Coast I can come up with my own conclusion which way the market is going.

Continuing with this theory of taking samples from multiple markets I next like to read the Seattle Bubble blog. It has an interesting topic in that they have open threads that people can post thier own info. I thought it would be filled with spam but it is pretty informative.

There are plenty of fear mongering blogs pushing the idea of a bubble popping on a national level. The Housing Bubble blog is very imformative. It has lots of info and is constantly updated. Just be careful not to visit It looks like spam. There are so many splogs out there. I read about that word in a wired magazine. Spam blogs. Argh. What an awful thought. I hope that just moves on and stops.

Now anyone who is looking at these blog sites and thinking wow... i dont' think i want to become a realtor should stop and instead think "How can I become a realtor" instead. The market is still strong. Having a real estate license is never a bad professional choice. No matter what the condition of the industry, there is still always someone needing a realtor.

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