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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Start of 2007

I am back in the office officially for the first time today in two weeks. I am energized and excited about the challenges 2007 will provide.

Three things.

First, I want to remind you about the great tools the Real Estate License Professor provides besides our great online real estate license study guide. There is the free real estate dictionary. Use this tool to look up any real estate term. You can also access the real estate license dictionary from your Google home page. There is also the random question of the day as well as samples of the Real Estate License Professor's online study guide that can be accessed from our home page.

Secondly, I want to send out a great big happy new year to some of our school partners. These include 360 training, Golden Hyde, New School PA and A Plus. I hope you all have a great 2007.

Lastly, I am looking for any questions that you may have about getting your real estate license that I can answer and post on our blog for others to ready.

Happy 2007.

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